Welcome to Human Function Physical Therapy!

At Human Function Physical Therapy we are all about injury elimination and whole body improvement. We know, we know. We are a little crazy… maybe just like you.
We believe you deserve not only to eliminate your injury but to take the next step and use your injury rehab as a launching pad for total health and wellness.


Our Vision and Purpose

Our goal for you is for you to achieve long term health and wellness and to eliminate future illness through education and continued care.

Our purpose comes from the derivation of the word Doctor…..”docere” to show to teach, to teach one to know.

We help achieve this goal of “teaching” or “showing” in our wellness clinic by scheduling visits twice per year…a goal that can lower
and even eliminate future medical costs and keep your body healthy for a lifetime.

This is our goal for the Community at large, for your neighbors and for your loved ones.

We have a motto here that we hope you like……

Partners in your lifetime health and fitness


Physical Therapy Strategy

When you are treated at Human Function Physical Therapy, you are treated just like a professional athlete.  We analyze the problem and come
up with the best solution possible. Once your injury has been resolved we continue to treat you like a pro. We offer possibly the best
weight loss, fitness and body tune-up strategies on the planet. We won’t leave you hanging.


Treatment Plans

If you follow our treatment plans we guarantee that you will either see improvement or be sent back to your primary care physician for

alternative treatment strategies after your first 2 weeks. If we don’t keep our end of the bargain we will not charge you for any of your treatment.

That’s right, a 100% money-back guarantee from a provider?! Yes we know…Crazy.  And we’ll even take it a step farther. If we don’t think we

can help you we will let you know on your very first visit free of charge.  All that we need from you is….your willingness to get better. To be
“ALL IN” and involved in your treatment plan.  Do this, and you will have the best chance of getting better, better than ever before!


We’re “ALL IN”….Are you?

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