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About Us…

We are a small but growing local company with your best interests at heart.  Our goal is to over-deliver every time you come in our door. How do we do it?  We do what’s right.

Insurance is great for getting rid of injury…what we’ve noticed over the past several years is that once you reach a therapy plateau you are all on your own…no more insurance coverage.  Some insurance companies are getting on board with health and wellness, but most just won’t pay to help you get back into your prime condition.  In fact, once the injury has “healed” or “plateaued” you are no longer eligible for physical therapy care. Such a bummer when there is so much more we can do as professionals to improve your entire state of health/wellness/fitness/diet. We as Physical Therapists are one of but a few of the experts in nerve, bone, joint, muscle, biomechanics, ergonomics, fitness and low glycemic eating at Human Function.

With our goal in mind (to over deliver on your experience here) we decided the status quo would be changed here and now.  At Human Function we get rid of the injury and show you how to get in the best shape of your life. Our staff led by Ian Johnsen MSPT will show you how.

Physical Therapy

    Ian Johnsen MSPT

This About Us page is really About You…

During your treatments we offer valuable advice (if you want it) We’ll teach you how to eat to block fat and win the battle of the bulge, we’ll teach you how to exercise safely and effectively for the long term…We are the experts when it comes to the human body and we can help you achieve all of your physical goals. We offer all of our clents dietary coaching and conditioning in the LEVO Fitness method of exercise. It is not unusual for clients to lose 20% body fat in 16weeks. We’ve done it for people of all ages.  We use LEVO because it hits all of the important marks. Increases lean body mass and metabolism without making you big, increases bone density to reduce the chance/effect of osteoporosis, increases strength beyond what can be achived in the gym with 1/3rd the time commitment, decreases body fat safely and effectively, allows you to train in a safe and supportive environment with certified trainers and onsite physical therapists.

Give us a call and let’s get this body started. (206)-734-9033 (Seattle prefix…Bellevue Location)

or Contact us via email contact@human-function.com