LEVO Fitness


Are you Injury Free? LEVO Fitness is for you!




This is what sets us apart from all of our competitors.  Anyone can help you exercise after therapy, you can hire a personal trainer and go to a dietician…but we take it a step further.  We designed a personal and group training experience based on the principles of strength training used by teams in the NFL, but made suitable for all of us!

Fast and Simple




Each workout targets every major muscle group in your body and fully fatigues that muscle in just 8-10 repetitions.

That makes LEVO Fitness extremely fast.  If you’ve ever been a gym rat before you know the pattern….Upper body Monday for 60minutes plus 30minutes cardio….Lower body Tuesday plus 30mins cardio and so on up to 6 days per week.

With LEVO Fitness it’s just 2-3 x per week for 45-60 minutes….no added cardio…your heart rate remains elevated during our workouts (the definition of cardio is an elevated heart rate over time) and you are eating LEVO Glycemic, which stops fat storage that occurs due to insulin spikes.

More effective




LEVO Fitness uses a higher percentage of the available muscle with a few combined concepts. Increased eccentric load (proven to increase tendon density and improve muscular strength beyond old fashioned weight training) Increased neurological input (through avoidance of the “cross-over effect”)

Easy to maintain



You will be amazed that you will only need to exercise 2 x per week once you have reached your goal weight.

No more 6 days in the gym!!!  Who has that kind of time anyhow?

Age is not a factor


We have had excellent results with all age groups. Our oldest participant was 76 y.o., our youngest 10y.o. Both were able to increase strength and lose fat rapidly! Our program is designed by physical therapists with safety in mind. There are no high risk movements that can inadvertently cause damage to ligaments and tendons.