“I started referring to Ian at Human Function PT because my patients were consistently getting good results.  Ian doesn’t just go through the motions with the patients, but genuinely cares and wants them to get better, and it shows in the outcomes”.   ~Dr. Alexandre DeMoraes


Brian D.

“Heard about HF and tracked them down to their new location for my wife who had a ‘Frozen Shoulder’ problem from lifting at work.

They have been a blessing in helping her out.

Easy to like and professional at the same time. Ian knows his business and my wife is happy to have him as her PT.

Would highly recommend Ian and Human Function to anyone who needs PT work or even just for his specialized workout treatments.”  Brian D.


“Human Function helped me recover from a sprained hip flexor after I had injured myself playing soccer and doing heavy weight lifting. From day one they analyzed my strengths and weaknesses, explained to me thoroughly how the hip flexor works, and made me work my butt off in strength conditioning.

Thanks to them, my hip flexor and my core muscles are 10x stronger.

I don’t review companies but after receiving the great care and LONG term advice from HF, I would highly recommend them to anyone.”  Yoon S.

Aya O.

“When I told my doctor about my back problems after a car accident I was in a year ago, she recommended “Human Function” PT. Her recommendation was based on her own experience coming here (which says a lot)
On the first day, Ian analyzed and explained to me what was going on with my back and told me what I can do to improve my condition, from workplace ergonomics to stretches/exercises. The improvements were noticeable almost immediately. A few sessions later, I started waking up without feeling any pain. For the last session I did some strength conditioning and that inspired me to start going to the gym again. I am now pain free! I highly recommend Human Function to anyone.”  Aya O.

Jeremy Lau skiiing

“I’ve been doing LEVO for almost two years and it’s the only fitness program I’ve managed to stick with that long. The workouts are intense but I don’t ache for days like when I lift.  Finishing a whole-body workout in less than an hour is great. Ian has tailored the exercises as my needs have changed, he adds more leg workouts that target the needed muscles as ski season approaches and changes them as needed based on sports injuries. Results come quickly with only a few workouts a week and has helped me perform better on the slopes!”  Jeremy L.


“These sessions have definitely helped me gain strength in my left knee/leg. Pain has nearly disappeared.” “I couldn’t get out of the car without helping my left leg by lifting it out. Now I can move the leg without a problem.” Peter W.


“I came to Human Function in a constant state of pain/discomfort and over time have reached a point where I am pain free and able to resume normal activities. I’ve been able to strengthen my body in a way that has allowed me to make gains in my overall physical health as well !”


“I started Levo 2 months ago. I have gained dramatic improvements in my strength and lean mass. Levo has also accelerated my weight loss.  Time has always been my biggest limitation. I have very little time to workout. Levo only takes about 45minutes per session and I go 2 x/wk. No more wasting time at the gym!  And Bonus….It’s fun :)” ~Cage


“I’ve been doing LEVO for 3 weeks now and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made! I’ve increased muscle and strength and have more energy. I’ve lost 11lbs since starting but more importantly I’ve found an amazing cure for anxiety and depression.  The Resistance type exercises appeal to my competitive side and allow for a great release of all of the negativity. I leave each LEVO workout happy, healthy, full of life and proud of myself.” ~ Kristin G