Welcome to Human Function Physical Therapy


Welcome to Human Function!  We are so happy that you and your Doctor chose Human Function Physical Therapy.  We look forward to being a major part of your journey towards health and wellness. With just one click you have made the choice to become pain free.

Have you had physical therapy before?  Or are you new to physical therapy?  Either way, throw out what you think you know and prepare yourself for a very different experience!  Your pain will be a thing of the past in very short order.  We put together very personalized programs for our patients and work closely with their Doctors for maximum healing.

Here at Human Function, we like to say we are “ALL IN”.  What does that mean?  It means you have our undivided attention.  It means that if you agree to be “ALL IN” we can move mountains together!

Now for some housekeeping


We are opened Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm

Scheduling can be done via phone/text: 206.734.9033  or via Email: humanfunction@gmail.com

Need to cancel an appointment?  No Problem, with 24 hours notice there is no fee.

We do charge a $50 cancellation fee for less than 24 hours notice.

Please pay all co-pays at the time of your appointment.

Paying cash?  We do charge a reduced rate for cash patients, contact front desk for more information.

We do accept payments online! Please visit our website http://www.human-function.com/ and follow the link at the top or bottom of the page.

Our Services Include


Physical Therapy

Nutritional Coaching

Personal Training

Strength Training with the LEVO program and Certified Trainers

An extensive referral list of excellent Chiropractors, MD’s, Massage Therapists, and Specialists. If you need them you know you will be getting the best!

Welcome to the Family


We look forward to working closely with you and hope your experience with us exceeds your expectations!

Welcome to our Family!

Ian Johnsen MSPT

Physical Therapy, health and wellness, fitness, nutrition